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Life Insurance


The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has several life insurance programs that are available to eligible veterans.  Each insurance program has its own eligibility criteria.  These programs include

Service Members’ Group Life Insurance
SGLI is a program that provides low-cost term insurance coverage to eligible service members.  If eligible, you are automatically issued the maximum SGLI.  If you qualify for SGLI you are automatically enrolled and do not need to apply for coverage. 

Family Service Members’ Group Life Insurance
FSGLI is a program that provides term life insurance coverage to the spouses and dependent children of service members insured under SGLI.  The service member pays the premium for spousal coverage.  Dependent children are insured at no cost.

Service Members’ Group Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection
TSGLI provides automatic traumatic injury coverage to all service members covered under the SGLI program.  It provides short-term financial assistance to severely injured service members and veterans to assist them in their recovery from traumatic injuries.

Veterans’ Group Life Insurance
VGLI is a life insurance program that allows veterans to convert their full-time SGLI coverage to lifetime renewable term life insurance.  You can retain VGLI for as long as you pay the premiums.

Service-Disabled Veterans’ Life Insurance
S-DVI is a life insurance benefit for Veterans who have service-connected disabilities who are otherwise in good health.  S-DVI is available in a variety of permanent plans as well as term insurance. Service disabled veterans (those with a VA disability rating) that are considered total and permanently disabled may qualify for a waiver of premiums on a $10,000 life insurance policy.

Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance
VMLI is mortgage protection insurance that can help families of severely disabled service members or veterans pay off the home mortgage in the event of their death.