Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors (VRC’s) and Employment Coordinators (EC’s) are ready to help veterans who have service-connected disabilities find meaningful, sustainable careers.  Your VRC will offer job counseling, direct you to VA services specific to your needs, and connect you with training or other opportunities to help you reach your employment goals.  If you are entitled to Vocational Rehabilitation benefits, you will work with a VRC to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan following one of five tracks:

Reemployment – When possible, VocRehab helps veterans return to work with a former employer by supporting the employer’s efforts to provide accommodations that enable the veteran to continue along the same or similar career path.

Rapid Access to Employment – Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (VR&E) helps veterans who are ready to enter the workforce, find, apply for, and secure suitable jobs.  VA may provide expert career-placement assistance, job accommodations, and other specialized support.

Self-Employment – Self-employment can be fulfilling and may offer the flexibility a veteran with service-connected disabilities needs.  VocRehab can aid veterans who are interested in working for themselves by helping analyze and develop a business plan, and providing training on how to market and operate a small business.

Employment Through Long-Term Services – For veterans with service-connected disabilities who require additional skills or training to find competitive employment, VocRehab will guide them to what they need, be it education programs and vocational training – including on the job training, mentoring programs, work-study programs, or other job preparation programs to help them retrain for a new career.

Independent Living – some veterans with service-connected disabilities may not be able to return to work, but with support from VR&E, they can live fulfilling, independent lives.  VA helps them with access to community-based support services, the use of assistive technologies and accommodations, and independent living skills training.

Application for Vocational Rehabilitation benefits is made on VA Fm 28-1900 and forwarded to the Vocational Rehabilitation office at the VA Regional Office in your jurisdiction.  Veterans in the Lansing, MI area should submit their application to:   

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
VR&E Division   (MDP 28)
Patrick V McNamara Federal Bldg.
477 Michigan Ave
Detroit MI 48226