PTSD/Sexual Trauma Counseling

Ingham and Clinton county veterans have access to free mental health counseling though the Vet Center.  The Vet Center was created in 1979 out of recognizing the need for adequate mental health counseling for Vietnam veterans.  Since then, their mission has expanded to include all combat veterans.  Additionally, services are available for all veterans who experienced military sexual trauma and bereavement counseling is available for families who experience an active duty death.    

Access to Vet Center services for veterans in Ingham & Clinton County is through the Grand Rapids Vet Center.  Their counselors provide services to local veterans at Ingham County Department of Veteran Affairs, 5303 S. Cedar Street, Lansing, MI 48911. 

To get a referral for Vet Center services please contact a Veteran Benefits Counseling at (517) 887-4331.  Both individual and group counseling are available.